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What difference does it make how much you have? What you do not have amounts to much more.


We never find smaller amounts of dark matter or more concentrated dark matter.

Gerry Gilmore

She had been suffering increasing amounts of pain.

Chris Burns

Eat small amounts, not to overindulge.

John Hastings

We've got massive amounts of product around.

Dan Gilbert

OPEC is pumping incredible amounts of oil, and a lot of it is steaming this way.

Richard Mueller

Huge amounts of money have disappeared.

Ali Allawi

In small amounts, it's OK. In too big amounts, it upsets everything.

George Greenwell

Non-compliance amounts to a tax of about $2,000 on every taxpayer.

Len Burman

I don't believe in paying outrageous amounts to have someone do something I can do on my own.

Denise Vincent

You gave him the little amounts you had in your pocket at the time?

Thomas Mesereau

There's going to be a big range in snowfall amounts.

Mike Rusnak

When you combine that with large amounts of alcohol, you have a prescription for some problems.

Bruce Benson

It was a staff member's mistake then they added the two amounts together.

Corky Mattingly

It amounts to an annual tax cut. Taxes are never low enough.

Brad Young

We are seeing larger amounts of explosives.

Carter Ham

Large amounts of money changed hands.

Reynaldo Wycoco

We're going to get swamped here is what it amounts to.

Jim Lushine

We're able to take little amounts of money and do a whole lot with it.

Spencer Edelman