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We care about this process. We can't let this amendment move forward.

Marc Solomon

The people we represent should be allowed to vote on this constitutional amendment.

Rep. Michael Balboni

There is no reason for this constitutional amendment.

Jim Scott

Do not think you're protected by the First Amendment.

Lewis Maltby

This is a disastrous amendment bill.

Lovemore Madhuku

The First Amendment is a wonderful things, but you have to be careful with it in this environment.

Wayde Byard

Before, anyone could make an argument that could vote down an amendment.

Brandon Cox

When you add an amendment that is … a ripper, that doesn't help its chances.

John Mcgary

This is a result of the incremental repeal of the Wright amendment.

Brian Schwartz

The truth is there is no $1 billion. This amendment is about deception.

Rep. Shelley Vana

I don't think the First Amendment trumps everything.

Tom Keith

We certainly don't agree with the executive amendment.

Mac Mcarthur

It's on the ballot to refine a previously passed amendment.

Bob Woods

I believe strongly in First Amendment rights.

Rep. Kyrsten Sinema

He's been very active in opposing our marriage protection amendment.

Diane Gramley

We support that they will express their First Amendment rights.

Ricardo Martinez

The pro-abortion lobbyists are so hot for this bill. We expect them to bring it up for an amendment.

Peter Wolfgang

In Cyberspace, the 1st Amendment is a local ordinance.

John Perry Barlow

It was a good day for the First Amendment and free expression.

Adam Levin

I am delighted that we have been able to give our backing to (this) amendment.

Andy Burnham

I do think a constitutional amendment is needed.

Carol Saviak

That's why the McCain amendment is important, and that's why this language they're floating now would gut it.

Elisa Massimino

Founding Sisters and the 19th Amendment.

Eleanor Clift

They were exercising their First Amendment rights.

Fred Whitehurst