These changes are a response to hundreds of complaints from the public about glare from these optional devices. Older drivers should be particularly pleased with the proposed change because their eyes tend to be sensitive to glare.

I'm here because I believe what you're doing in the draft plan is a necessary starting point. But I also believe it's important that what happens in the classroom reflects people's lives and their contributions.

We want to ask them what are they thinking when they initiate these conversations. It's going backward.

Parents should continue using these rear-facing infant car seats, but should not use the carrying handle until a repair kit has been installed.

To cut somebody's risk of death in half, that's huge. That's almost as good as seat belts. You're lucky if a new regulation gets you a 5 or 10 percent reduction in the death rate.

We support that they will express their First Amendment rights.

At the beginning we were having trouble penetrating their (Gilroy's) defense. Our midfield, the whole team really, came out flat.

Buying an SUV involves a tradeoff. While these vehicles may do well in certain types of crashes, they also are much more likely to roll over. People should be aware of that trait when they are choosing a family vehicle.

He came here to Chicago to take the police test in February. During that time, all he was doing was working with his cousins, all of his young cousins are just teenagers. He gets on them, 'You've got to do this right.' He was just trying to help everyone.