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An airport that has the traffic — we take that into account as we consider airports.

Marilee Mcinnis

The reality is, in most airports you don't have the luxury of that much space.

Mark Hatfield

I will tell you right now our airports are not safe.

Benjamin Defensor

Many airports operate very safely without an ASDE system.

Kathleen Bergen

First, we lack airports and pilots.

Yang Jie

I hate to say it but some may seek to the blame the airlines and airports.

Reed Kathrein

Airports are important industry partners for airlines.

Giovanni Bisignani

If you never fly out of these airports, you never pay for any of these improvements.

Brad Hagen

The airports will never close.

Richard Fernandez

We will make checks at airports more stringent.

Juergen Trittin

I'm very concerned about the safety of travelers at the airports.

Steve Bomar

By 2010, the mainland will have about 186 airports, up from 142 currently.

Gao Hongfeng