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Agents book travel for customers up to 11 months in advance.

Steve Loucks

He stopped when he saw the agents gun.

William Knox

It was very hard with agents out there telling you this and telling you that.

Arron Sears

This does not make us happy because of the relationships we have had for years with our agents.

Tom Tierney

Who are these guys? Pro agents can't be here now. Last year, there were about 150 of them.

Howard Garfinkel

But, ... if you know any NBA agents, let me know.

Ivo Karlovic

We're trying to hire 2,000 agents this year.

Scott Ross

We're programming these agents to have knowledge about the battlespace.

John Allison

It is what they (landlords and agents) do not tell them (potential renters).

Carl Harris

I think the security agents are closing in on the kidnappers.

Abel Oshevire

It's always good for purchasing agents to have more than one source.

Bob Brown

Agents would have to jump through some additional hoops.

James Dempsey

All women are natural born espionage agents.

Eddy Cantor