(The three) are in very good health and high spirits. Of course, they are a bit agitated after a month in captivity.

From the feelers we are getting, they want to release them in the night, under the cover of the night.

I think they plan to release them in batches.

We are working seriously at this and we should be able to achieve our desire.

We have made progress, and we hope to have good news to announce very soon.

We're stepping up negotiation with their captors so that they can be off the hook imminently.

The community leaders brought them to us and we're happy they've been freed.

We believe that very, very soon we should be able to reach the hostage takers. We've put in place a very powerful committee.

They are all in good health.

The governor has always been very sincere and free with these people (the militants), and always puts his reputation at stake with them.

I think the security agents are closing in on the kidnappers.