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We have informed the relevant government agencies of the incident.

Don Boham

The sentiment now is to work with our developers as well as government agencies.

Tom Savage

Cooperated fully with all government and law enforcement agencies.

Charles Hayward

The agencies will do what's appropriate on a case-by-case basis.

Alex Swann

The agencies didn't talk to each other.

Lincoln Chafee

It's up to law enforcement agencies to enforce the law.

Gerry Mckiernan

There are too many agencies to report to, too many returns that have to be filed.

Bruce Golding

We cannot prevent these agencies from buying tickets when they go on sale.

Nancy Parrott

This will give all the agencies a chance to meet one-to-one.

Bill Holland

He's in the custody of security agencies in Borno.

Haz Iwendi

The only check is the goodwill of the agencies.

Patti Goldman

A number of agencies self-deployed.

Tony Gomez

I don't trust FEMA any more than the agencies in the state of Louisiana.

Tom Tancredo

It took several agencies to raise me.

Danny Lyons

We actively coordinate with all other federal agencies.

Bryan Lee

As one of the most effective and responsive agencies within its membership.

David Chapman

Qualifying agencies are urged to apply.

Helen Hemmes

We're very pleased to have four law enforcement agencies.

Benjamin Dick

The utilities and the federal agencies are perfecting the art of miscalculation.

Charles Hudson

There are some local agencies that don't have the funding to participate in the system.

Ron Osborne

We are carrying agencies on our back.

Fran Hughes

We have a lot of connections with community agencies. We place volunteers in about 140 different agencies.

Casey Lacore

We're one of 189 agencies, nationwide, to receive it this quarter.

Julie Bell