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We're watching to see if and how it affects domestic steel.

Tim Roberts

They don't know how much it affects the students.

Nasro Ali

It should come from them. It affects them. It's their baby.

Andy Anderson

This law doesn't just affect Mexicans - it affects everybody.

Susana Lopez

It affects all of us, because we don't have other sources of work.

Martha Garcia

It affects them a lot more than they want to admit it does.

Jim Beal

It affects everybody. Everybody has to be concerned. This could rip families apart.

Oscar Lopez

They need to be aware. It affects them more than the rest of the community.

Diana Salinas

Every single decision we make affects that number, whether it helps us or hurts us.

Kevin Burke

This is a major problem that affects most of the people.

Bob Grantham

This is not a passive action and it disproportionately affects black voters.

Ted Shaw

It's a way of being that affects the quality of the day -- that actually you can develop, that you can hone.

Jon Kabat zinn

A teacher affects eternity.

Henry Adams

This affects us quite a bit.

Joe Flaherty

What affects prostate cancer may also have implications for breast cancer as well.

Dean Ornish

Obviously, (theft) affects profit margins.

Rob Wacker

This project literally affects every user in the city.

Lance Houser

It is assumed that the adverse affects were based on a drug reaction.

Dr. Herman Scholtz

Color affects catch rates and not size.

Gene Wilde

It's amazing how autism affects the whole family.

Kevin Krueger

What we do here also affects the county -- and vice versa.

Jeni Ashbrook

What happens in this part of the world absolutely affects what happens in another part.

Jay Mace

The vaccine will not create any side affects.

Siti Fadilah Supari

Aspirin affects platelets differently in men and women.

Dr. David Brown

It affects families. Somebody has to take off work.

Lori Reynolds

It affects everything and everybody. They should have some kind of rationing.

Anthony Esposito

It definitely affects your lifestyle if you don?t have a six-figure income.

Joe Nichols

That affects everything, everybody. With an earthquake, there will be so much going on.

Rich Dressler

What kind of jets and what time they fly affects noise.

Sara Arnold

It's exploded, it's uncontrolled, and it affects everyone's lifestyle.

Mike Dowling

That affects the thinking of VC firms.

Tom Simpson

It's not only how much total fat that you have, but how it is distributed that affects risk.

Kathryn Rexrode

We believe that affects every facet of their life.

David Fullwood