Joe Flaherty
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"Joe Flaherty" is a United States/American actor and comedian. He is best known for his work on the Canadian sketch comedy Second City Television/SCTV from 1976 to 1984 (on which he also served as a writer), and as Harold Weir on Freaks and Geeks.

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They feel very betrayed. This was a man they trusted. They never saw anything like this coming.

Rachel and Lilly loved Neil very much. Neil was a trusted husband and father and it is incomprehensible how that love and trust was betrayed in the ultimate act of violence. We are heartbroken at the loss to understand how this happened, but as our pastor, Father McKenzie reminded us just eight days ago, God didn't do this. There is evil among us.

When the Dodgers left, it was not only a loss of a team, it was the disruption of a social pattern. A total destruction of a culture.

Besides his conscience, there is his civility.

Seeing Neil Entwistle standing accused of this awful crime gives us little comfort and only adds to our pain and suffering. We never suspected that Neil was anything other than a loving father, a trusted son-in-law and a husband. Neil betrayed our trust in so many different ways that it is almost impossible to describe it.

The entire family is overwhelmed by the loss of Rachel and Lillian and the events of last weekend.

This affects us quite a bit.

From the birth of Rachel's daughter, Lillian Rose Entwistle, last April, Rachel shared her greatest love -- that of being a mother. As the family continues to grieve, we also celebrate and are grateful for the time we had with Rachel and Lilly.

Whether (the trial) happens a year from now or a year and a half, nothing is going to bring back Rachel and Lilly Rose.