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We are working very hard to keep those affected in school.

Lisa Harris

Road construction and expansion will be affected badly without using ITS.

Liu Xiaoming

There are two ways we know of that this hurricane affected Alpine.

Johnny Johnson

We really tried to minimize the communities we affected.

Walt Byrd

He would cry for days. It really affected him.

Donna Little

We're absolutely not affected and will be here for a long time: I'm too young to retire.

Scott Frost

It could have cost us our contract. It affected our relationship with the schools, for one thing.

Sky Blaylock

We opened it up to a few invited people, everyone that was affected.

Charles Hodges

The further out the less stressed, but everyone was affected.

Roger Peak

No parking spots will be affected whatsoever.

Robert Moore

You're affected by the company you keep.

Lanny Poffo

In this central plateau of Haiti, there's about 42,000 people affected by this.

Doug Schmitt

There's no telling how it affected sales. Right now, they're very close.

John Majdoch

Even though it was affected by the hurricane, it wasn't in the area where the levee broke.

Patrick Duffy

You never really thought anything about it until you're affected by it. Then it brings it home.

Ann Moore

We wouldn't have made the changes we did if it would have affected him.

Gary Pinkel

If any areas were going to be affected, those were the places.

Michael Hooper

It's very reminiscent. With probably more people affected.

Adam Timmerman

They're not as directly affected by the West Coast traffic.

James Winchester

See how the intense heat from the fire affected the paint?

Larry Bailey

It affected him when there were suicide attempts, and he ministered to inmates.

Karen Williams

The whole house is affected.

Randy Pusey

You have years of this going on and it does make you wonder, well who else out there is going to be affected in the same way.

Matthew Mcclellan

You can see that they've all been affected very deeply by their brother's life.

Carol Piccari

The last 22 years, it has affected me.

Star Wars

They're going to try to talk to the people affected.

Roy Wadia

This is a very large area. There are a lot of people affected by this.

Virginia Littrell

We'll be affected, but it won't be insurmountable.

David Atkinson

It's affected a lot of projects. Say you had $400,000 to do three jobs. One will have to get cut.

Phil Trenary

People touching product and programs won't be affected much.

Jim Albaugh

Mad, adj: Affected with a high degree of intellectual independence.

Ambrose Bierce

Anybody that's human has to be affected by this.

Robert Whalen

There are people who will be affected by this who don't even know about it yet.

Peter Mehler

We are going to be affected seriously if we don't tackle the problem now.

Aberra Deressa

The new Wal-Mart hasn't affected us, it's affected the old Wal-Mart.

Richard Garner

Restore service as quickly as we can to those in the affected areas.

Paul Chambers

The slowdown in Europe and the U.S. has not affected the way we look at China.

Jorma Ollila

I think both teams were a little bit tired and that affected us.

Brittany Rogers

We do not believe those other vehicles are affected.

Kristen Kinley

Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone who was affected by this tragedy.

Avery Johnson

There are discussions ongoing among affected parties.

Amy Weiss

We live in Manhattan. Where else can you be more affected?

Jackie Moore

We don't know which stores will be affected.

Cynthia Pearson

We can't show there is any impact on the companies affected.

Paul Gibbs

There is no indication that sheriff's funding was affected.

Dena Erwin

This is quite a significant amount of affected installations.

Jeff Campbell

We will not displace people who have been affected by the hurricane.

Teresa Ferguson

A candour affected is a dagger concealed.

Marcus Aurelius

A lot of these areas most affected were in pretty bad shape before the hurricane.

John Murphy

I think everybody was affected by it.

Andy Neary

Our membership is pretty aware that we're not affected until January.

Jim Sparks

We're still doing our regular things. The hurricane has not affected that.

Jody Van Cooney

Derivatives won't be affected positively.

Mike Goodman

Everything I've heard so far is that bookings have not been affected.

Ray Neidl

We're working with the government to clarify whether our services will be affected by these actions.

Camilo Pino

Certainly, anyone who is a candidate will be affected.

Linda Smith

Just about everybody who is deployed to Iraq is affected in some way.

Col. Charles Hoge

The dollar was a little affected by the talk but soon retreated.

Tatsuro Karitani

No home-owner or home-buyer was ever affected at all.

Jimmy Neal

There are 14 families affected.

Mark Schneider

Mazur Brothers in the only business affected by this.

George Santana

The ruling has not in any way affected the available evidence in this case.

Stan Lowe

Dry weather has not affected us yet. We're concerned, and we're looking at strategies.

Joe Hampton

The Norton Anti-Virus gateway was affected.

Chris Miller

A lot of people are affected by the economics of the whole thing.

Dave Ruppel

It affected the area of his right socket and brain.

Dr. Ramon Ruiz

Obviously those retailers on the border will be affected.

Jill Vaughan

We're not actually sure how many ballots were affected.

Brian Rust

Enemy combatants could be affected by this regulation.

Sheldon Smith

It would have affected the flexibility of the whole company.

Esther Lee

It's affected downtown businesses a lot.

Erik Jenkins