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We?re going to be increasing addressing violations across the spectrum.

Russell Ahr

The government did the right thing in addressing the doctors' concerns.

Alex Scott

There is a fundamental difference even in the approach in addressing the issue.

Lodi Gyari

This is a very big quality-of-life issue that we will be addressing.

Matt Nozzolio

We are only addressing what happens in court.

Kathy Patterson

It is a field that is expanding and addressing core issues that make us who we are.

Ben Hines

She has done a remarkable job of addressing it head-on.

Rakesh Sood

I was addressing some of our JV and their lack of passion.

John Mcfall

You have to have an avenue of addressing that problem for those who don't clean up the graffiti.

Mayor Marlin Townes

The train wreck is coming, and they're not addressing the issue.

Dan Wilson

We are backed up. We are addressing those issues.

Barbara Alterman

It's been an issue we've been addressing for a while.

Art Navarro

We are trying to see if there is a way to get the bridge back up without addressing ownership of the bridge.

Mary Daubert

Personally, I don?t feel like this is really addressing the problem.

Bev Cortiana

We are addressing it and we are seeing a decline.

Frank Gribbon

They understand that there's some shortcomings. It says they're addressing them.

Erich Merkle