Hopefully, it's not because they didn't get the information ahead of time, because we notify them monthly and they do get exclusion orders.

We are only addressing what happens in court.

Good news [is] that there finally has been a parking study done, and bad news is that it has, quite frankly, taken almost the duration of the Williams administration to come up with some policy recommendation and translate them into legislation. The mayor is finally addressing the issue, which is something that has needed to be done for a long time.

In Florida, we call it Florida-friendly landscaping.

Getting an official animal wouldn't be real high up on my priority list, but it certainly wouldn't be something I would mind addressing.

The idea is to have a dedicated funding source for at least 10 years so the school system knows what its capital funding from the city will be and can plan accordingly.

We paid way, way too much for them.

I may actually file papers now, though I won't do a formal announcement until it's more sensible timing. I don't want anybody to think for a moment that I'm having second thoughts.

There is value in everyone working together. . . . I think it's worth it to get broader support for something that already has strong support.