I think October was the bottom. It could pick up modestly in December.

(Crossovers) are putting a dent in demand for SUVs. The designs of these vehicles are fresh and something different and they are capturing consumer's attention.

They've packaged it just slightly different enough so that it's more of a utility vehicle -- a smaller crossover. It represents a much better value than Neon ever did.

They understand that there's some shortcomings. It says they're addressing them.

It certainly is a move in the right direction. (But) I still don't see it as a real competitor with other vehicles in the entry-level luxury segment.

The Escalade is going to be pretty tough to beat. You're competing on performance. The real killer for Lincoln is going to be the horsepower, or lack thereof.

It's a little bit of puffery, to offset the bad news that's been out there the last three or four months. In automotive terms, it's pocket change. It's really not that much money in the scheme of things.

There's more pressure to get components from offshore.

But nothing like what GM and Ford are going through. Long-term, I think Chrysler's prospects look incredibly bright.