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Additional time should compute to an additional fee.

Bryan Kemnetz

We plan to add an additional 33 centers in the first quarter.

Babatunde Osotimehin

There are times when a judge needs additional assistance.

Dennis Archer

We're fortunate we didn't have any additional fatalities.

Bob Adams

We don't want to add additional burden to the taxpayers.

Bruce Williams

We've asked for additional federal review.

Jennifer Kerns

Now the commissioner, on his own, is announcing a new punishment, and that would be an additional punishment to what the law provides for.

Gerald Lefcourt

Now, if the worst happens and the man happens to die, we would take an additional step.

Carlos Valdez

This is a substantial additional volume of oil.

Robert Priddle

We are holding out the possibility of additional charges.

Charles Branson

It's just a matter of the additional water source.

Robert John

Any time we get additional development it's good. The more opportunities you have, the better.

Steve Sirmon

We're an additional $50,000 over budget even before we start.

David Leavitt

We'll continue to buy additional businesses where they make sense.

Brian Livingston

The additional rooms open us to even larger markets.

John Moors

So we have an additional question. Who paid the bill?

Claudio Fava

They don't want to pay the additional price of the gas, but we don't have anything to do with regulating the price of it.

Donald Byrd

We have deferred ruling pending our additional testing.

Ken Betz

It's too bad that the taxpayers have to bear the brunt of additional bills.

Alan White

We have 22 additional store openings planned for 2006.

Larry Sutton

Unless we get additional rain, it should go down.

Amelius Muller

We're growing. How is that working? Is there a need for additional patrols?

Henry Leger

Now we've got additional representation for our sugar beet growers.

Ralph Burton

We expect to pay an additional $12 million for a less comprehensive benefit.

Jude Walsh

That little additional touch, ... is something not all alumni manage.

Gary Hammond

They could all do with the additional (production) growth.

Paul Sankey

A need for additional supplemental spending.

Joshua B. Bolten

There was no additional cost to the city. It didn't depend on who terminated them.

Terry Stanton

But without some additional funds, we're still going to have a problem.

Kathy Mitchell

Is looking into the request for additional funds.

Richard Grenell

Certainly any additional service we can add is important to our region.

James Dunn

We're taking some additional risks this year.

Shawn Jordan

Exploring additional pricing actions.

Roger Deromedi

There are no additional places to grow.

Brent Trout

We're delighted that there were no additional cuts. We're pleased with what we see.

Jimmy Lewis

At this time we have no information on suspects or additional witnesses.

Nancy Mulroy

For every dollar in additional aid now, roughly $1.5 will be coming off the budget after 2015.

David Woodward

He had challenges in his life anyway and didn't need any additional ones.

Stephen Tyler

We'll show them what we have to determine if they have any additional deaths that we didn't know about.

Mark Whitney

These kinds of features will be rolled out in additional modules.

Tom Nichols

When you get a situation like that, there's a chance you'll have additional crashes.

Dave Bristow

The physician may also recommend additional tests if necessary.

Dr. Wilma Wooten

There could be additional arrests. It's still an ongoing investigation.

Dave Bristow

This is not the money for setting up the new bank. This is additional money of US$3 billion.

Keith Scott

To do some of these things, we would have to get additional staff, but we do want to expand our programs.

Michael Lhotsky

There are additional bodies ... ... We think there may well be further fatalities.

Andy Trotter

In two weeks we've had four additional transfers into the detachment.

Inspector Linton Robinson

If there is additional motivation to get out of the building, that's a good thing.

Pat Egan

There will be 10 additional layoffs in the next 45 days.

Beth Manning

This represents clearly significant additional risks to workers.

Peter Lurie

We know we'll need some additional schools. It doesn't happen quickly.

Frank Duke

There is nothing to indicate that additional regulations are needed.

Al Belsky

I would not be surprised if there were additional deaths.

David Mckeown

We will work very hard to get additional missions at Ellsworth.

Mike Rounds

Agents would have to jump through some additional hoops.

James Dempsey

If approved, it would generate an additional revenue stream for us.

Anita Rainey

We were starting to get some traction. The additional access it going to make it even more attractive.

John Loiacono

We have found no evidence of additional cases of PML.

Eugene Major