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At $2,000 an acre, that's far more than you can farm out of it.

Brent Carpenter

You might see up to a $4 an acre difference.

Dan Delano

If this thing was a realistic 60-, 70-acre site, I wouldn't say a thing against it. It's not realistic.

Gary Alley

We averaged 19.35 tons per acre, which is about average.

Wade Wimmer

We want to get back to this [40-acre basin] as soon as possible.

Paul Wirth

It's been increasingly difficult to buy even a 30-acre piece.

Amy Ammons

Property adjacent to one-acre lots should be zoned one-acre.

David Nelson

We have plenty of farmers getting 50 or 60 bushels (per acre) who should be getting 70 and 80 bushels.

Terry Niblack

He said he's looking to do a 10- to 20-acre park.

Chris Mueller

We're seeing properties that go for $20 million or more that don't even have an acre of land.

Joyce Rey

It is a good business to be in. But it's not as profitable per acre as it was in 1980s and 1990s.

Jamey Clary

We were in a 16-acre disaster zone that went for 10 or 12 blocks.

Dr. Thomas Graham

Since they're smaller lakes, they get more trout per acre. We get better use of our trout in smaller lakes.

Gary Smith

We'll have an acre of land where we can have a vintage market.

Ann Moore

The Travis Ranch in Ruth, Calif., is less than $1,000 an acre.

Billy Long