I don't want to make people behind me wait even longer because the government presumes even momentarily that I am a terrorist, not a patriot.

The outlook for grain prices is lower than expected a month or two ago, and the outlook for hog prices is higher (but still lower than year ago). Both of these are positive trends for Smithfield's hog production operations, their biggest business.

It's a horrible problem, ... financially the consequences are significant.

Property adjacent to one-acre lots should be zoned one-acre.

In the last half-hour alone, we have had 125 people come through here. The weather hasn?t played a role at all.

In 1963 we did every one of these songs with Jerry.

Cats Under the Stars.

In 2003, it was Amare Stoudemire.

In 1970, it was Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, ... In 1997, it was Allen Iverson. What award is...