There are some pretty nice-looking holes there.

Most of the stocked portion of the stream has a road running alongside it, so it has pretty good access, too.

We think we've got the engines for growth.

You're not going to win a lot of ball games with only two hits.

Just about everywhere sees good crowds on opening day, but I suspect that it doesn't get as many people as a Twin Lakes or a North Park.

We have filed an application for an air permit, but I can't tell you the size at this point. My sense is, if the resources are strong enough, it would be 110 million gallons.

It probably holds trout until Memorial Day or so, too. It depends on the weather, but it may hold trout even until early June.

Since they're smaller lakes, they get more trout per acre. We get better use of our trout in smaller lakes.

There aren't as many developed facilities in terms of picnic areas and that kind of thing, but it gets fished pretty heavily.