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Do not fear to be eccentric in opinion, for every opinion now accepted was once eccentric.

Bertrand Russell

Would I do it again? I've said no three times already. I would ? only if he accepted me for who I am.

Gayle Nakama

We need to be able to go to school and feel safe and accepted for who we are.

Paul Scott

This is an exciting thing for Beaver Lake. Of course, now it's an accepted thing.

Rich Coleman

Cocktail music is accepted as audible wallpaper.

Alistair Cooke

When I accepted Jesus into my life. I'm telling the truth now.

Albert Jones

I can confirm that His Excellency the President has accepted my letter.

David Mwiraria

I just accepted provolone into my life.

Bill Griffith

I love my son very much. I'm very proud of him. He's accepted responsibility.

Gwen Moore

We recommended it and our membership accepted it, but they weren't very happy with this deal.

John Mccormick

The request of the British government has been accepted.

Paolo Iorio

We have offered Frank a contract. It's up to them to see whether it's going to be accepted or not.

Mick Leary

An Italy in the hands of Bossi would be an Italy that wouldn't be accepted in Europe.

Francesco Rutelli

This was one of his rights, so it was accepted.

Jaafar Mousawi

We are thrilled that the City of San Francisco has accepted our joint bid.

Megan Quinn

We have a system that if you are accepted you stay and if you are rejected you stay.

Katrine Camilleri

LOVE'S GIFT cannot be given, it waits to be accepted.

Rabindranath Tagore

It's going to be a celebration of America. This is about us being here, about us being accepted here.

Freddy Peralta

What we call 'gaming' is another accepted form of communication.

Peter Price

Behold, now is the accepted time.


He's accepted it got a new one in.

Phil Townsend

I'm a medical mystery. I've accepted it.

Matt Chaffee

The only place you will be accepted is the place you make for yourself.

Holly Lisle

He's a proxy. If this man would have been called up that day, he would have accepted the assignment in a heartbeat.

Sally Regenhard

In the field of sports you are more or less accepted for what you do rather than what you are.

Althea Gibson

It doesn't make a lot of sense to me. I don't see how he could very well be accepted.

George Teague

But I haven't accepted any donations from developers.

Richard Ferreira

[Then in 1985,] out of the blue ... I accepted with delight and have never regretted this decision.

Lord Hailsham

Some have accepted the challenge, and some have not. Those that have risen to the challenge have gotten our business.

Fred Diaz

As soon as an idea is accepted it is time to reject it.

Holbrook Jackson

Our kids have taken them in and really accepted them.

Mike Owens

Were not able to add it, insurance companies refused to pay for it. It was just not accepted.

Rich Wooditch

It was the coaches' decision, but I accepted it.

Lance Johnstone

We hope it will be accepted by businesses, but we don't know what will happen.

Jim Holperin

It's a lottery process. No one has been accepted (yet).

Pansy Houghton

Virtually all of our clients have accepted our recommendations.

Steve Littlejohn

It was not accepted nearly as widely as a sport, particularly not accepted as a big-league sport.

Max Muhleman

It's necessary now. The message has to not only be presented, it has to be accepted.

Gerald Meyers

Jen has acclimated so quickly to this school, and her teammates accepted her from the start.

Gary Blate

They accepted 10 students a year with more than 300 applicants.

Victoria Avetisyan

The FBI called first, and I accepted.

Jim Daly

Our accepted beliefs about the emotions are nonsensical.

Karla Mclaren

I accepted it, because it was something I was really looking forward to doing.

Ben Maynard

The amount accepted was lower than expected.

Alberto Ramos

He was not a man who accepted excuses.

John Frost

Hers was one of the first applications we accepted.

Mark Aitken

All sorts of spiritual gifts come through privations, if they are accepted.

Janet Erskine Stuart

Deception of voters has become an accepted tactic.

Washington Post

He has accepted that he may well have been less forthright in his comments if he had been aware.

Sir John Holt

Secrecy, once accepted, becomes an addiction.

Edward Teller