Bill Griffith
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"William Henry Jackson Griffith" is a prolific American cartoonist who signs his work "Bill Griffith" and "Griffy". He is best known for his daily comic strip Zippy the Pinhead/Zippy. The popular catchphrase "Are we having fun yet?" is credited to Griffith in Bartlett's Familiar Quotations (16th edition, 1992).

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When the Zippy movie first started being talked about very rarely would people actually say animation to me, because I would never consider it.

I went through nine drafts of a screenplay; it had a whole plot, not just vignettes. Right now I'm getting a lot of feelers from animation companies.

When I was an art student in the early 60's before the acid scene began I was smoking pot just like anyone else who was an artist.

It's time to get serious.

I just accepted provolone into my life.

Zippy is living in the moment.

The phrase is supposed to be satirical, but lots of people don't see the subtext.

When drugs came around I sampled them just like anybody else but I never became dependent creatively on drugs; like various cartoonists in the underground never did anything if they weren't stoned, That was the prerequisite for sitting down and drawing.

I guess if you take yourself seriously as an artist there starts either the problem or the beauty of doing good artwork.