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A. J. P. TaylorAlan BullockAnita BrooknerArthur Bryant
B. H. Liddell HartBernard BerensonBronislaw GeremekC. Northcote Parkinson
Carter G. WoodsonChristopher LaschCleveland AmoryCornelius Tacitus
Daniel J. BoorstinDavid C. McculloughDavid Herbert DonaldDiane Ravitch
Donald KaganDoris Kearns GoodwinEdgar QuinetEdward Gibbon
Eric WilliamsFernand BraudelFlavius JosephusFrederick Jackson Turner
G. M. TrevelyanGeorge BancroftGeorge F. KennanGuillaume De Salluste
Hannah ArendtHenry AdamsHenry Brooks AdamsHenry Steele Commager
HerodotusHoward ZinnIris ChangIrving Howe
James Anthony FroudeJames Harvey RobinsonJames MillJames Millar
James MillerJames Truslow AdamsJohan HuizingaJohn Hope Franklin
John KeeganJohn ThornJohn ThorneJohn Thornton
Jules MicheletLord ActonMark VarrianoMary Ritter Beard
Matthew HaleMichael KingMichel FoucaultPaul Fussell
Perry MillerPeter GayPeter WarrianPhilip Guedalla
PolybiusPublius Cornelius TacitusRichard HofstadterRobert Conquest
Robert HewisonRonald WrightSallustShantee Darrian
Sir Arthur HelpsStephen AmbroseThucydidesTitus Livius
Victor Davis HansonWill DurantWilliam CamdenWilliam Manchester