Will White
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"William Henry "Whoop-La" White" was an American baseball pitcher and manager from 1875 to 1889. He played all or parts of 10 seasons in Major League Baseball, primarily for the Cincinnati Reds (1876–80)/Cincinnati Reds in the National League (1878–1880) and the Cincinnati Reds/Cincinnati Red Stockings in the American Association (19th century)/American Association (1882–1886). He had three 40-win, and one 40-loss, seasons in Cincinnati. During the 1882 and 1883 seasons, he led the American Association in wins, compiling an 83–34 Win–loss record (pitching)/win–loss record and a 1.84 earned run average (ERA).

Over the course of 10 major league seasons, White compiled a 229–166 record with a 2.28 ERA. His career ERA ranks ninth on the all-time List of Major League Baseball leaders in career ERA. White also set a number of major league pitching records and still holds several. His 1879 totals of 75 complete games, 75 games started, 680 innings pitched, and 2,906 batters faced remain major league records. He was also the player-manager of the Red Stockings for 71 games during the 1884 season, compiling a 44–27 managerial record. He is also remembered as the first, and for many years only, major league player to wear eyeglasses on the baseball field.

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The second time we played, Lakewood surprised us with a (man-to-man defense). They've traditionally been a zone-oriented team and we just didn't respond to it at all. This week, we made it a point to move a lot on offense and mix it up to get everyone involved.