We are already in discussion with a number of states in the United States.

Let me be clear, this is an estimate only.

Most private space project that have existed so far haven't come across the issue of the DDTC, ITAR, and export regulations for these kind of technologies from the United States. We're really the first people who have probably gone through a formal process of this nature and come through the other end of it. So I think that's a good precedent.

The high margins meant selling cars was one of the most glamorous businesses to be in during the 1950s and '60s.

We've now signed up 100 pioneer launch customers, ... We have another 35,000 have registered who said they want to take a flight. We're going to take an entirely different view of leaving the planet's surface.

Virgin is progressing on a deal to launch a mobile venture in the United States.

We have a significant level of deposits now…nearly $10 million worth.

It allows us to activate all the parts of the project.

It's time we rediscovered the thrill of space.