If we would have gotten Clemson this year, we would have been happy with it.

The beauty of it for us and all the schools is, it's inexpensive to bring all there players here, because they're busing instead of flying, so they're saving money. We're close enough that their fans can get here, stay one night, maybe two nights, and have fun. That's a great appeal to all these schools.

At some point, it may dry up a little bit in terms of a regional draw. If that happens, we'll deal with it when we have to deal with it. But we haven't had Clemson. We haven't had Virginia Tech. Georgia Tech's probably in that mix, and Maryland. And we wouldn't have any problem inviting somebody back, either.

We're not in the BCS. We know that. We tell every school that comes here, we always want you in the BCS, but if you don't, we want you to think, 'Gosh, we had a great time in Charlotte.' Obviously we want to keep growing every year, we want to do everything a little better each year, but the big thing is to make it where it's fun.