Todd Dunivant
FameRank: 4

"Todd Dunivant" is an American association football/soccer player who currently plays for LA Galaxy in Major League Soccer.

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He's hot. Leave him be, let him do his thing. He's on fire right now. Whatever he touches turns to gold.

Sampson hasn't announced the starting lineup. I'll take a fitness test before the game (to see if I'm ready). I'm optimistic.

Somebody had to step up for the team and he's been the guy.

Going the full 90 (minutes) was a very positive thing. I don't think we totally expected that. I felt like I got stronger as the game went on. Once I got my first couple of bad touches out of the way I felt a lot more comfortable.

You've got to have the attitude of whosever in there has to do the job. It obviously helps getting Landon back and getting some consistency in our lineup and not having so many guys shuffling in and out. Everyone has to contribute for this team to win a championship.

The Galaxy showed an incredible commitment to me when they traded for me last year. By signing this long-term contract, I hope to repay their commitment to me for future seasons.

He's so dangerous getting in behind defenses. His runs are so crisp and sharp. He makes these quick bursts into space and he's very difficult to defend against. If he gets one step on you, he's gone, and he'll shoot from any angle and he's got an absolute bomb of a shot. Anywhere around the goal, he's shooting.

We have to keep improving and peaking at the right time. We've been talking about that all year. If we can keep playing good soccer, if we're firing on all cylinders, we're a team that nobody wants to face in the playoffs.