Todd Duncan
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"Robert Todd Duncan" was an United States/American baritone opera singer and actor.

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It's going to be a long and expensive process that will require a lot of reframing and reconstruction to make it work.

He would be very pleased to be recognized by his own state. He was always very proud of Kentucky, always very proud to be from Kentucky.

I knew the French were not ashamed of Carmen and she was a whore. I knew the Italians were not ashamed of Tosca and she was a high-class one. The Wagnerian operas had incest. So there was nothing in Porgy and Bess to be ashamed of. The thing to do was to bring out all the integrity, all the dignity.

TK Gorman is an excellent team. We're very fortunate to play as well as we did. Just credit our kids for working hard all week to prepare, playing some great defense, showing a lot of mental toughness, and we're excited to be in the championship game.

We thought if we got ahead it would be good to spread the floor and take away that height advantage Gorman had. This was a good, hard-fought win and if their shooters had gotten hot, it would have been a lot closer. We have a lot of respect for Gorman.

These types of cracks are all signs of deflection with the floor frame, ... It's all the result of the framing from above or the load from above.

We were really focused knowing all the things Gorman had going for it tonight. We just set our minds on playing hard and it showed, especially on the defensive end.

Based upon what we've seen in the basement, eventually left uncorrected, it could actually collapse to the center.

It's obvious that the design was done incorrectly, ... Then there are code issues that have been violated with the way it was constructed.