I think coaches tend to make more out of that than the wrestlers do. If you are a good, sound, fundamental wrestler it isn't going to matter how many times you wrestle someone. Sometimes matches can go back-and-forth when the kids are more even, but if you're better, you'll win.

We've got some tough matches, but we like to turn that around and say no one really wants to wrestle a Rapids kid in the first round of the tournament. To be champion you have to beat everyone. It's just too bad that some championship caliber matches will be held on Thursday night.

Putting 12 in the finals is almost more than you can ask for. I was proud of our five champions, but you always want more. We lost a few matches to better wrestlers and a few we just didn't wrestle well in.

The last four weeks we've been getting better each time out. Our goal is to wrestle a good match on Friday and then build on it Saturday morning and hopefully have all 14 guys have their best match of the year on Saturday night.

We're wrestling well and want to come out of the chute with a lot of intensity. Upsets happen each year and we've been on both sides. Hopefully we get off to a good start on Thursday.

This was a great match between two great teams. When two good teams like these meet, you have good, tough matches that make it great to be a part of.

We don't talk about that streak in the room, but when you reflect on it, it's pretty amazing and almost unbelievable. We've had two good weeks of practice and we're wrestling complete matches. Tonight might have been the best we've gotten all 14 guys to wrestle this year and I think we're still improving.

A lot of people think the Valley is the strongest conference in the state and if you look at our track record it speaks for itself. Most years we have two teams down here and this year I think we could have had more if we were more spread out.