They're a lot better than I ever thought they would be. If they get beat, it's somebody bigger and stronger that will beat them. That's probably one area they don't match up well with high school boys. We have 10 kids over 6 feet 2. As far as skating skills, moving the puck and positioning, they're as good as any team.

I'm pleased with the way we played for three periods. They scored on the chances they had in the third, and we didn't. I thought that was the difference.

I think it hurt us not having him in the third period. If we had him, I think we would have won the game.

We were expecting their best effort.

I would say 'beat' is a nice word to use. It was a bizarre game, where every fluke thing that could've gone against us did.

They're good individually. They're better as a group. They've played together for so long that they know where each other will be without looking. They have a feel for each other on the ice.

You can't even imagine what it's been like here since that game - absolutely insane. But we're not satisfied just to get there. Our goal all season has been to win the state championship.

They probably took Highway 10, which was a two-lane road back then.

Tonight was a very, very average effort for us.