When people see themselves in his pages, they see a reflection of their upscale lifestyle. It puffs their ego -- he's making customers for life.

The problem all these magazines have is that they get lost in the middle. If you're really spiritual and religious, you want the full dose. If not, you want the other extreme. Trying to have the middle road has never worked in the magazine publishing business.

The only reason we need another men's magazine is because it has Vogue attached. That is the status [publication] of the most powerful fashion brands worldwide.

Husni said, ''those magazines start losing their usefulness.

If you want to start a magazine and survive, find a niche that no one is serving.

The magazine is way too varied and way too skimpy to offer anything that the readers will buy issue after issue.

His magazines are a perfect example of when marketing and journalism merge into one entity. I know a lot of people in the media hate his guts, but it's a matter of jealousy. I think he's doing a marvelous job.