I hate to bring this up, but it's a new field and it was just like running in sand. We were not able to utilize our speed. Even though we had great opportunities the first half we were not able to finish.

It's really hard to be responsible for four teams. And it is four teams when you add the junior varsity. It takes away from your concentration, and you end up doing a mediocre job with all four teams.

She really started assuming a leadership role the last couple of years. She's got tremendous work ethic and she's very technically sound. She's got strength and speed — almost anything you would want out of a quality midfielder. Signing with a Division I school says a lot about her ability.

It's a new field. It was like running in sand and we weren't able to use our speed.

Our forward has to track [the defender] the entire way. Good teams will bring their defenders up that far to create advantages. By not tracking, there was an imbalance in our defensive third.

Up front we have a few freshman that will challenge the existing the corps. Our approach is to leave everything open until after our preseason tournament.

I think they deserved to win. They played better than us today. I felt they really were prepared. They wanted the game more than we did. But our kids fought hard to the end, I think we just came a little bit short.

I don't think we played to our potential. It was our first game, and we were a little sluggish and nervous. Our final pass wasn't there all night. But I still think we controlled the game from the beginning.

In the second half we adjusted.