Our fund-raising has gone better than we expected, ... But the unions are still going to outspend us more than two-to-one.

We're in the middle of a campaign and we have to raise money.

We're very clear with our donors. If people are making inappropriate comment and try to lobby the governor, they will get their contributions returned.

After reviewing the nature of the business and realizing there is a connection to a potential Indian gaming location, we feel it is most appropriate to return the funds.

In the budget climate of California, the governor feels he shouldn't unduly burden the taxpayers.

If (Floyd Haworth) had had it today, it would be so different. Treatment has come such a long way and it's much better for those of us today.

Now that the governor is up on the air (with TV ads), it will help. We've seen some (fundraising) momentum in the past week. ... I'm growing more bullish that we may exceed $50 million.