Frankly, in 20 years, we'll be glad Haley Barbour was governor when he was.

You use every arrow in your quiver. You put those rules to benefit for your side.

He took time he really didn't have every time we were up there. He welcomed them with open arms. Knowing Haley, he was probably thinking, eight to 10 years from now, I may run for governor, and I will need these folks.

The coast was in fairly sad shape prior to the casinos. Even Mississippians didn't vacation there anymore. But that had all been reversed, and the lights had come back on.

If he decides not to be a senator, he can certainly make a living playing poker. I've never seen anybody hold cards so close to the vest.

New urbanism and Mississippi is an oxymoron right there in the minds of most people. It's definitely different from how we've done things in the past.

The race in the Delta is going to be a legitimate wire-to-wire race. The Espy name is big over there. Thompson will have to run harder than he has in the past.