We could be up in this series, but we're not.

There are a lot of similarities to both teams, and I really think it's going to come down to who wants it the most and who works the hardest.

It's pretty wild, I've never seen a guy shoot one into his own net on a penalty. It seemed like everything we touched went to gold tonight.

We're full of confidence, but we're smart enough to know that there's another game to be won. We're working hard and that's what we got to keep doing.

We've been trying to catch them all year as far as the regular-season standings, and we couldn't do. Now, we get to face them in a best-of-seven and that's a challenge we want.

You never want to see your star player go off on a stretcher. It's hopefully nothing.

They've been the first-place team all year and they're the most balanced team in our league. They've got a team that just finds ways and different people to win games.

I think both teams have good power plays, so that's going to be the key.

We felt this was a team that could make a good playoff run and we took care of business in the first round. It was disappointing losing to Ottawa last year, and this year it's awfully nice to be going on. We're looking forward to our next opponent.