"Mark Maunder" is an American entrepreneur, and the founder and CEO of Feedjit.com, a service designed to provide real-time visitor information to websites and blog owners. He also founded Geojoey.com and is the founder and former CEO of WorkZoo.com, one of the first job meta-search engines and voted one of the 50 best websites of 2005 by Time Magazine. Maunder was born in South Africa in 1974 and lives in Seattle, Washington with his wife.

WorkZoo.com was acquired by Seattle based Jobster in August 2005 for an undisclosed sum and Maunder joined Jobster as Director of Search Technology. Maunder left Jobster in early 2006 and launched a series of websites including Geojoey.com, LineBuzz.com and Feedjit.com. Feedjit received funding in January 2008 from an undisclosed group of Silicon Valley investors and Maunder is now the CEO of Feedjit.com in Seattle.

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