Mark Matthews
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"Mark Matthews" was an United States/American veteran of World War II/the Second World War and a Buffalo Soldier. Born in Alabama and growing up in Ohio, Matthews joined the 10th Cavalry Regiment (United States)/10th Cavalry Regiment when he was only 15 years old, after having been recruited at a Lexington, Kentucky racetrack and having documents forged so that he appeared to meet the minimum age of 17. While stationed in Arizona, he joined General John J. Pershing's Mexico expedition to hunt down Mexican bandit Pancho Villa. He was later transferred to Virginia, where he took care of President of the United States/President Franklin D. Roosevelt/Roosevelt and First Lady of the United States/First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt/Eleanor's horses and was a member of the Buffalo Soldiers' drum and bugle corps. In his late 40s, he served in combat operations in the Pacific War/South Pacific during World War II and achieved the rank of First Sergeant. He was noted as an excellent marksman and horse showman.

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[Matthews wonders if Google will go the way of Eli Whitney.] The cotton gin changed America, ... It revitalized the South and boosted the British textile industry, and had a thousand other effects. And this earned the inventor, Eli Whitney, almost nothing.

You feel you're part of a marketing business?

We have so many players who are interchangeable that I think it will eventually give us an advantage. We've never had this type of quality depth before.

If I could take a 7-year view on them, I would long Indonesia and short Google.

That's sort of where Google is today.

That's sort of where Google is today. Google has a small lead over a pack of competitors, all eager to fight for one of the few remaining high-margin zones left in tech-land.

If I could take a seven-year view, I would long Indonesia and short Google.