I feel connected to those kids and offered whatever help I could so they can hopefully find a good situation just like I did.

They just had such a great time, it was hard to tell them it was time for them to leave. It was joyous.

We don't know that at this point, I guess. I don't have an explanation how he would end up over there. It is odd, certainly.

Some of them might not have had a decent photo ever.

Our thesis is that children love learning, naturally, but if they're not educated right, they'll come to dislike it. We use a 'classical' model of education which focuses on the love of learning as opposed to just acquiring a body of knowledge.

They were really sweet kids. And they deserve to have a home.

An injustice against one is an injustice against all.

When you least expect it something really cool transpires between two people. If you snap the button, you've got it.