"Gary Lee Andersen" is the head football coach at Oregon State University. He was the head football coach at Wisconsin Badgers football/Wisconsin (2013–2014), Utah State Aggies football/Utah State (2009–2012), and Southern Utah University (2003). Andersen also served three years as the defensive coordinator at the University of Utah, where he coached the 2008 Utah Utes football team/2008 team that went undefeated and beat 2008 Alabama Crimson Tide football team/Alabama in the 2009 Sugar Bowl/Sugar Bowl to finish #2 in the nation. He left the Badgers to coach for Oregon State in December 2014.

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At the end of the day, am I happy with the way we played? Absolutely. Bottom line, we beat 'em.

When you play safety in this defense, you have to know a lot about where people fit, what's going on and the whole big picture. Eric has a very good grasp of the picture, of our whole defense. He's going to get the guys lined up in the right spots.

I felt like we got in a rhythm there in the second half. I think it was a definite improvement.

You have to grind every single day and work very hard to play here. Maybe it's not for everybody. . . . I can't tell you why they did what they did. I just know we've got a bunch of kids here who are very good players and they are going to continue to work hard.

He's an unbelievable playmaker. He's just one of those kids who has a knack to make plays. Now he has to be a leader off the field, too, for our defense, and I think he's accepted that role.

It gives kids more opportunity to come in and compete. It's a window of opportunity. We've got good football players here and we'll be just fine.

It's not a big deal. We've got good players behind him and we're ready to go. That's life. It's a window of opportunity for those two kids and they need to jump on it and go get it.

We started playing a little bit soft, playing some zone. Probably shouldn't have done it. Probably should have just kept on going and kept on grinding. But the third quarter was lights out. That was an awesome performance out of the kids, and we got turnovers.

ACC, Pac-10, whoever it is, we go into the games expecting to win.