It has been absolutely wonderful, really uplifting. In an odd way, the fire sent a message to our company about getting better organized and getting things under better control, in one place. But the generosity we've encountered has allowed us to bounce back quickly. We're ready for a new season.

I don't want to waste any extra effort, ... You don't get extra points for [length]. I've got a few different clubs in my bag. But the bag doesn't have the Tiger Woods 5-iron any more.

I didn't want this to be the last game out there [Saturday]. Now I've got one more at least.

I'm sure he's looking at us right now saying you shouldn't be sad.

I'm like that penny in your pocket. I just keep coming back.

Ken is the closest thing I had to a brother.

I'm not coming off the stream any more. But it's just great to help this team get the monkey off our back against the Ravens.

It's just one big shock, knowing I'll never see him again.

Anybody who comes up with the idea of banning skateboarding, that's a pretty damn good reason right there.