They responded. They played very unselfishly.

I think having Davis in the middle gives those other guys a lot of confidence.

He really didn't know what to do in offenses and defenses. But he was still successful. I saw promise.

It was obviously a good week for us. Regardless of how the grind goes in January, these kids are much further along than anything I anticipated.

I didn't want him to get discouraged. But you could see he was getting better in practice every day. We started giving him some game time.

To throw a young kid still unsure of himself into a situation like that, I didn't think that was fair to anybody.

We're not sure if he's done growing. He has a chance to really be good. He's got tools and a very good attitude. He's an A-B student. He has tremendous upside. You want to nurture him and bring him along, hope he stays hungry.

We have a tough stretch ahead of us. I have no reason to believe they'll approach it any other way than they have the first half of the season. I am surprised they've done this well so soon.

Having the No.1 seed in a five-team district has a distinct advantage. That's something we're shooting for. Hopefully the kids will understand the importance of that.