I think the Research Coast is more prominent this year.

It's putting us on the national stage, where we'd like to be. I think it let's a lot more people know about us.

If you don't want to compete, you will continue to be a bedroom community, a bedroom region, for somebody else.

This is what we have been trying to position ourselves for over the last two years. We have been working to put ourselves in the position to compete.

It's not like they didn't know, and it's not like we didn't ask them to be a part of it.

It's just a ringing endorsement from a well-respected school. You've got to build an extremely strong foundation to do the kinds of things we're trying to do. You can't be missing any of the pieces.

If you're going to be Johnny-come-lately into this deal... well, gee whiz, you don't have to try and steal stuff from us.