"Don Rose", also known as "Dr. Don Rose" or just "Dr. Don", was an United States/American disc jockey/radio personality on KFRC (defunct)/KFRC Amplitude modulation/AM 610 in San Francisco, California from October 1973 to 1986. Prior to joining KFRC, Rose had been a prominent broadcaster at WQXI (AM) in Atlanta, Georgia, and WFIL in Philadelphia/Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was known for his One-liner joke/one-liners, sound effects and philanthropy.

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The Industry's at war. I think it's about control. You can make all of the financial arguments that the industry has been shooting itself in the foot, but it is an industry built on a foundation of ownership and exploitation of intellectual property rights.

Everything has been so close to him that he's painted into a kind of a corner.

Radio is not a partner in the industry. I think that the music industry has continued to depend upon radio, but has ended up pandering to a medium that doesn't care.

Downloading is definitely on the rise, but not because it's free - that's probably third on the list - but because it's immediate and the selection is virtually unlimited.

The reason people sweat is so they won't catch fire when making love.

People are still engaged; they still want music, but they want a choice. So I say, just give the people what they want. It's so simple.

He either has had to have some knowledge or admit to being virtually blind, deaf and dumb. Has he condoned it? Has he ignored it? Has he encouraged it? Those are the questions that have to be asked, and sooner rather than later.

I think that the industry's failure to embrace and create a legal form of downloading is contributing to an already acute problem.

Consumers and artists dislike the major labels. It's a terrible business. Who wants to be at war with everybody?