There's just a lot of poultry out there.

With our farmers here in the U.S., there has been a pretty good movement over the winter. It seems like producer sales are slow, so you're really reliant on South America.

Historically, the public has had their ear closer to gold and silver, but I do think that with the advent of index funds, the pitch is out there, and people are viewing the commodities like grains as an alternative investment.

The real concern is that it is spreading. We have not been able to put the fire out yet, and to think we can sit here isolated, you would have to be naive.

We seem to be on pins and needles with energy.

Lower feed costs. That will be good news for your ranchers and dairy farmers.

I think domestic demand will hold up as long as we don't have a series of cases pop up.

It gives another reason for both of those countries to go slower rather than faster on opening the market.

It's like you're at an auction and no one wants to buy anything.