Coach Battle was more to himself, not quite as vocal, very methodical and businesslike. Coach Majors was real vocal, with a lot of energy.

After a summer of high demand for fuel, gas prices have reached a level that forces many motorists to reconsider travel plans.

Coach Battle was a good coach. I think he may have ended up being a great coach if he hadn't been so young when he was hired.

There are a lot of moving parts in the factory, and we use our hands all the time, ... There are several potential hazards.

The recent high profile of bad behavior among passengers has meant that no airline is prepared to accept this sort of behavior.

We rather think it was some personal interplay between the people, who perhaps knew each other. Certainly they were fighting and uncontrollable, and clearly the calming techniques which we teach our cabin crews didn't work. Diversion was the only option.

The size of the athletes, especially in the line of scrimmage, are bigger and stronger.

Kids coming out of high school are coached better today. Nothing against the coaches I had in high school; I thought they were great coaches. But everything is so specialized now. I watch Gary Rankin (Riverdale head football coach). He was a teammate of mine at Tennessee. (Riverdale) has a different game plan for everybody they played.