My dad was a diehard fan, ... We had season tickets from when I was about 5 to about 12 years old. I used to go to a couple of games a year. I still remember where the seats were, too, 15-yard line, on the scoreboard side, under the awning. So if it rained or whatever, we were always underneath.

The person selling will still be on the hook if there's a default on the loan even if (he or she) is completely out of the building.

We're proud and happy about what we got off the ground in 2004. We've sent out a lot of mailings and we've been to a lot of meetings.

I'd sit back in amazement of, one, him not having a leg, and two, the stuff he was doing without a leg, ... I'd never let him see me get emotional about it. Inspiration is not the word. It goes so far beyond that. I would see him put hours in the weight room and I would be there helping him. To see that desire in his face, in his eyes, he wanted to finish on his terms.

[The jury] obviously had some issues back there as to what the evidence was, and there had to be some concern about the penalty, ... It's kind of a huge win.

The jury obviously, to some extent, believed the arguments that we made.

We stopped for some plays that weren't worthy of being looked at.

She set him up.

The only thing that will stop me, is if I lose my other leg. Once I get something in my mind, that's pretty much it.