"David Parton" is an English people/English singer-songwriter and record producer from Newcastle Under Lyme, Staffordshire, England. He is also known as "Des Parton", based on the initials of his first three names.

Parton was the frontman of Strange Fox, who were nurtured by Tony Hatch in the early 1970s. Parton achieved songwriter/songwriting success writing songs for Sweet Sensation (band)/Sweet Sensation in the mid-1970s, namely "Sad Sweet Dreamer" which was a number 1 single (music)/single in the United Kingdom/UK, and "Purely by Coincidence" which also record chart/charted. He arrangement/arranged and co-produced both song/tracks with Tony Hatch and Jackie Trent.

In 1975 Parton released an album entitled Snaps on the Buk record label, a short lived imprint of Decca Records. A year later he re-emerged with a band (music)/band called The Cyril Dagworth Players, where Parton masqueraded as Dagworth. They released one album, also co-produced by Parton and Hatch.

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I think what the court system has done here is really going to help them realize how bad it was and help them become better adults and I?m happy about it.

Whatever the worst possible scenario can be for anybody that would treat any animal like this, I wish them the worst.

She's just come to life. Just watching her personality come out and how loving and sweet she is. It's just amazing.

The shot of her laying out in that backyard lifeless when DAS thought they were picking up a carcass and she opened her eyes, that's the only way they could tell she was alive, that's good enough evidence for me.

She weighed 16 pounds when we got here when she should have weighed 45.

I think it's a miraculous recovery. I think she's doing wonderful.