David Coulthard
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"David Marshall Coulthard", Order of the British Empire/MBE, known as "DC", is a retired Formula One drivers from Great Britain/British Formula One racing driver from Twynholm, Scotland. He was runner-up in the 2001 Formula One World Drivers' Championship, driving for McLaren.

Coulthard began karting at the age of eleven and achieved early success before progressing to car racing in the British Formula Ford Championship and the Formula 3000 series. He first drove in Formula One with WilliamsF1/Williams F1 in the 1994 Formula One season/1994 season succeeding the late Ayrton Senna. The following year he won his first Grand Prix in 1995 Portuguese Grand Prix/Portugal, and then for the 1996 Formula One season/1996 season he moved to McLaren. After winning two races in the 1997 Formula One season/1997 season, he finished 3rd in the World Drivers' Championship in the 1998 Formula One season/1998 season.

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No-one, not even Michael Schumacher, has the best seat year in, year out.

It's even more difficult here when you're running in traffic. There are so many trees, the spray doesn't dissipate and you have difficulty seeing the circuit, which can be pretty horrible.

I don't have very strong views one way or another, but over the last four or five years, there have been so many changes and I am just nervous of continually changing regulations.

What's remarkable is not that they are having a difficult year this year, but how incredible their performance was for five straight years. They redefined Formula One.

Go speak to the FIA. There's a start system in place. As the lights started to change I went. It doesn't matter what the drivers think.

We face the biggest risk here of any circuit we race on. The danger isn't so much hitting the tyre barriers as hitting another car that has already spun. Visibility is already an issue and that adds to the risk. The spray does not clear. The trees hold the moisture. You cannot see a thing in the spray.

I'm not sure it's as dramatic as it being the end of an era.

If he's got the opportunity, he should come and have a go. If he does, he is going to have to start winning very quickly or people will start losing interest in him. Just because you are good at one thing, doesn't mean you'd be good at another.

Wet conditions are always difficult, but are especially so at Spa due to the length of the track.