There are excellent services here, but this community just continues to grow and look for these specialized services.

Eliminating positions is always difficult.

We are in absolute position to be the bank that moves into the Pacific century.

It is with regret that I announce my resignation effective Oct. 30. The decision was extremely difficult for me, both personally and professionally. BankAmerica is a strong, stable and sound financial institution.

I may not be caucus chair in January, ... I believe there is a significant amount of additional responsibility of being in a leadership position. I worked my ass off this year.

After five great years at this company, I've decided it's time for me to go on to something else.

Strong market share in 9 of the 10 largest and fastest growing states in the country.

I started in theater 25 years ago and became fascinated and obsessed with an American maverick named Robert Wilson. I was also a huge fan of Tom Waits. Listening to 'Black Rider' is the reason I learned to play the musical saw. When I was offered to work on a project created by three of my favorite artists I thought about it for a microsecond before saying yes.