"David Courtney" is a British people/British singer-songwriter and record producer. Courtney's first big break was as a songwriter with Adam Faith and Leo Sayer; Courtney co-wrote several hit single/hit songs with them (including "Giving it All Away", sound recording and reproduction/recorded by both Sayer and Roger Daltrey) and he co-produced Faith's 1974 album, I Survive. He released one album of his own on United Artists in 1974 entitled David Courtney's First Day; it had some success on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean/Atlantic, and peaked at number 194 on the United States/US Billboard 200/Billboard 200.

Courtney did not release any further material until 2005, when some of his unreleased material, including a 1980 studio album, was released on independent music/indie record label/label, The White Room. As a producer, Courtney has also worked with musicians such as Roger Daltrey, Gene Pitney, Eric Clapton, David Gilmour and Jimmy Page.

In 2002, Courtney was responsible for introducing the first Walk of Fame cultural attraction in the UK, located in Brighton.

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It was fun. It was a nice way to end the week.

In light of the company's recent accelerated achievement of its profitability target, its very strong financial position and the successful transition in CEO leadership, I feel that this is the right time for me to turn my attention to new and different pursuits.

I am proud to have played a senior leadership role in creating key strategic and commercial relationships, in overseeing the company's financial growth and in building the infrastructure to support the company's burgeoning activities.

Unless the nominating committee of our board of directors decides otherwise in accordance with our corporate governance guidelines.

At some point there is a larger awareness of the music and culture of the minority, when it is picked up by the mainstream, just as it happened in jazz and blues with the Afro community here.