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World domination of 'Queer Eye.' .

I saw Beckham go over and applaud the Welsh fans at the end of the match which was a magnificent gesture on his behalf. He appreciated the fantastic support they had given the Welsh team.

We couldn't do too much about the booing of the English national anthem, other than to implore Welsh supporters to respect it.

I think everyone took deliberate steps to try to do what was necessary to make the buildings as safe as possible.

People may say it was meant as a joke and maybe we're being fuddy-duddies. But we don't see it like that. There is a basic lack of respect involved here. You always respect the opposition, whoever they may be - captain of England or captain of Azerbaijan.

He treated us with respect; this rap group should have treated him with respect.

Scout, ... started as a small company with three people. A small ... television film development company.

But we can most certainly stop the sort of nonsense Beckham had to put up with before the game from happening again.