The schedule is too condensed. We want to free up time so that players can rest.

We've got a number of broadcasting issues we need to look at but clearly an India-Pakistan one-day series has some great attractions.

We have thousands of clubs desperate for cash. We want to put more into them...we can't do that in an environment where our income is going down by 40%.

We've got a national academy, we've got county academies, we've got is a natural development of our top coaches.

Frankly, we just thought it was better to come up with our own impact fees to control expenditures than to be going around with a tin can trying to get some money.

We've had some discussions. It's more likely it will be considered in 2007.

What we have done is made sure that we've safeguarded the future of English cricket.

We understand that their needs and priorities are farther west right now, ... That's where the development is.