"Chris Poland" is an American guitarist, best known for being a former member of thrash metal music/thrash metal band Megadeth. He is currently the guitarist of jazz fusion band OHM (band)/OHM, and is known for having appeared on several projects and albums from a variety of different genres.

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There's very little mitigation going on, and it's because it's so expensive to do, just like it was so expensive to fix the levees. So I think we would have the same reaction: Why didn't we fix those buildings? Why didn't we fix the infrastructure?

The Bay Area is probably better prepared than most urban areas for a natural disaster. But it's not prepared enough.

The pressure on the engineering community at that time was to prove they could design buildings that wouldn't be damaged by earthquakes. We are still doing that.

We need to recognize the buildings that are the most dangerous and would cause the most loss of life. They need to be identified, then strengthened or replaced.

The simulations show us where the hot spots are, and they show us how we should prioritize the strengthening of buildings. That's the most important thing.